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Background Checks

Regardless of whether you need a simple basic background check or a high security – government level background check, DC Investigations can get you results fast. Below are a list of just some of the resources available. Call us for a customized background package based on your budget and the depth of your needs.

Identity Verification Personal Information

  • Identity Verification: Important database searches proves or disproves identity, discovers or confirms “identifiers” like DOB, SSN, and addresses.
  • Driver’s License Verification, also known as (AKA’s:): Discover the names associated with a subject.
  • Social Security Number Search and Verification: Has your subject used other Social Security Numbers in the past?  (This could be cause for concern date and Place SSN Issued.  Others Associated with Subjects SSN.
  • Current and Previous Addresses: Databases return periods of occupancy. National Death Index
  • Names of Persons at Each Address Subject has Resided: May include spouses, family members, roommates – even live-in lovers, subject’s Residence, property owners, neighbors.

Financial Information

  • Nationwide Property Ownership Records
  • Motor Vehicles Registered (varies by State).  May also include vehicles owned by others living at the subject’s address.
  • National and State Bankruptcies
  • Boats and Aircraft Ownership
  • Tax Liens
  • Federal, Civil and Criminal Courts Search
  • Civil Litigation
  • Judgments
  • Evictions Search:  Note: We tap the national and state databases landlords subscribe
  • Specialized / specific Asset locating (often requires field work)

Professional Information

  • Occupational License Verification
  • Corporate Partnership Affiliations
  • Information retrieved from 46 state’s Secretary of State’s databases, searched by subject’s name and by corporate and partnership affiliations
  • UCC Filings
  • FAA Pilot’s Licenses

Criminal Records

  • Sexual Offender Search: (varies by state) State’s lists of sexual offenders
  • State Criminal Records and DUI Check: Your subject’s state of residence Nationwide Criminal Record Search: National Criminal Records Search Results include subject’s offense and sentence descriptions.  Searches 160 million records
  • County Criminal Record Search: County of your choice.

Field & Background Interviews

  • Search for past and present neighbors
  • Search past and present employers
  • Search relatives and associates
  • Surveillance spot checks(confirms living conditions and activities)

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